Sunday, February 8, 2009

I Defer

It's not my fault that I haven't been updating my blog lately.  I didn't even think about my blog until a few days ago.  After logging on, instead of reading my own stuff (since I already know what I wrote), I quickly went to my side menu of the all the blogs that I like to read.  And then I sat and read those updates for about an hour (or three) or so.  So much more spectacular than what I have to share.

I mean, who should be writing on their blog when there is nothing new and exciting to report? Nothing that will challenge the rival blogs out there.  So I defer.  Check out all my friends' blogs.  They have much more exciting things going on at this time in their lives.

However, as I don't have much of anything new to report (except that I'm going to Mexico for the first time, and on a cruise for the first time), or any updates (no Ultimate tournaments until March, I still have my job after layoffs at work, I'm learning a lot--and still have far to go--as I play on my ward's b-ball team, I'm enjoying my new desk, I'll be playing the piano and teaching in Church in the upcoming weeks, and I now have a gym membership that I have to pay for for the first time in my life), I guess I'll give you a little insight into the routine of my day.

I realize that much of my time has been filled with a few things that I have begun to give more priority: reading and watching television.  What I was giving my time to before that, I'm not quite sure.  But I'm enjoying these two activities much more than I have in the past, simply because of the quality of the content.  Christy and I are now on to Season 2 of The Cosby Show, which is even better than the first season, if you can believe that.  It's kind of like a night time bedtime story--one episode in twenty minutes, two episodes in forty.  And then we watch the weather before parting our ways to slumber peacefully.  

Once I'm in my bed, all snuggled up and comfortable, I read a chapter in the Autobiography of Parley P. Pratt--each chapter is only about seven to twelve pages long, and so it's perfect to end the evening.  I'm finding that the more I learn about our Church's leaders, past and present, the more I discover (or just recognize) they were ordinary men and women dedicated and focused on extraordinary things.  In short, they were humble, teachable, and letting faith pave the way before them.

So, as you can see, why would I have to have anything amazing to report?  Nothing spectacular, just purely entertaining and enriching.