Wednesday, May 14, 2008

GRE or the Jazz?

The coming of summer has once again become synonymous with the Jazz working hard in the NBA playoffs.  This year, I've actually decided to watch the NBA again, something I haven't done since the Jazz lost to the Bulls while my brother was on his mission in Australia.  That's the same time as when all my teenage boy clients were just born or toddlers.  That's when the Spice Girls were hip.  Let's just say that it's been a very long time.  Thus, all the more reason why I'm so excited to actually be excited to watch the Jazz play some decent ball in the post season--I've waited a long time for this.

At the same time, I also have a sizable commitment to study for the GRE.  My premier goal at this point in my life is to work on getting myself into the RMYL Youth and Family Recreation Master program at BYU.  While the GRE is one of the key requirements of the application, luckily for me recreation students aren't known for their shining performances on this standardized test.  We like to play too much to actually carry such obscure verbiage with us when explaining how to play a game.  Nor do we worry about complex calculations--we just worry about solving life problems, such as how fast we need to drive to get to our favorite spot in the mountains that is X miles away in Y minutes, with only Z number of granola bars. 

And now, I'm sure many of you see my dilemma.  Which one, then, should take precedence at 8:30 at night, when an important playoff game is there waiting, but I'm probably at my most relaxed and and mentally alert to study that I'll be all day?  Decisions, decisions.  

Let's just say that I sure do hope the Jazz win the next one to keep their NBA hopes alive.