Monday, August 16, 2010

"Give" Said the Little Stream

Elder Oaks recently pointed out that Brigham Young taught us a powerful lesson about the One who consistently went about doing good: "The difference between God and the Devil is that God creates and organizes, while the whole study of the Devil is to destroy" (Discourses of Brigham Young, sel. John A. Widtsoe (1954), p. 69).

Recently I've had some pretty sweet instances with some other people who decided to build up, when it could have been pretty easy to make zero goodness happen.

Anecdote #1: After an amazing concert at the Deer Valley resort this July, I found my car had been hit while in the parking lot. Not much damage as far as size or effect on driving, but hundreds of dollars in repairing that small stuff. [Cue nice people.] Two scribbled notes on leftover tickets said that they were witnesses, to give them a call, and here's the license plate of the not-so-cool-or-nice-person who hit you. [Cue nice cop.] The cop takes this little matter into his own hands, follows up, and is able to verify that I was really hit by a Mr. So-and-So, and yes, he is a registered and licensed driver, so here's his insurance information.

Booyah. I'm saved from paying for repairs. And now my Toyota Camry has had another two pieces of bodywork replaced; when that car reaches 300,000 miles it's still going to look only three years old with all the repairs that accident magnet has received.

Anecdote #2: Picturesque camping spot by the Colorado River in Moab with my fun little group of girls from work for our awesome camping trip. While we're unloading and setting up camp, up pulls a sweet van (somewhere along the lines of a VW, but not.....) with a hippie-ish, mod, up-and-coming rock band who want to film a music video in the midst of our sweet canyon camping. I give them permission to do their thing, and to start the recording once we leave to do our sunset hike of Delicate Arch. Not a bad idea until you consider the bad idea that you have pretty much every possession you took with you back at the campsite, and it's just sitting there, free for the taking.

Uh-oh. What kind of stupid decision did I make? Why do I trust people so easily? Coming back to camp, we found a sweet addition (instead of desolation) of a gracious note and a CD of the Battlehooch. Check them out on YouTube to see their aspiring sound waves....and possibly a shot of our awesome campsite.

Anecdote #3: Still living this one out, as I don't finish my work with Provo Canyon until this Friday. Despite my negativity and frustration with high up administration, this has been an absolutely great place to work. Who else gets to have about 50 kids make them feel like they're on top of the world by the things they say, the attention they clamor for, and the silly things they do? Plus have recreation as the main focus of their job description? Plus have an awesome boss and co-workers who gives autonomy with lots of support?

Lucky, you say? Yes. But no. It's more like I'm super blessed by super rad people and my Heavenly Father.

Give, oh, give.