Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Things I Like

1. Working as a recreation therapist. Playing for work is not a bad deal, and the kids are a bonus...well...sometimes :)
2. Getting my hair cut. One of the simplicities of life that is absolutely fantastic as you get a
head massage, look beautiful, and feel rejuvenated all in one.
3. NZ fish and chips. But when you can't go to NZ, Barbara's Fish Trap's are just as good.

4. The fall harvest. I love fresh food. I love cooking and eating fresh food. Fresh food does the body good.
5. Wide open spaces. I live next to open fields that have horses or cattle, and I only have a short drive up to Hobblecreek Canyon or to go and run in Mapleton. I definitely should look into a road bike.
6. Having a garage for my car to live the luxurious life. I live in a house. Not an apartment, or a condo, or anything that says "I'm a student or single person who doesn't quite yet know what to do with my life." While I don't own my house, I feel that I have moved up in the adult world, while at the same time am being spoiled rotten since I can't ever say that I will NEVER live in an apartment or condo again.
7. The arts. Music from symphonies. Vivid pictures, or engaging landscapes. Great minds. New ideas. A good story. Something new to enjoy and learn. Relaxation. Me and a good book :)
8. The fact that I can run and play and enjoy tennis...and a multiplicity of other sports and outdoor ventures.
9. The seasons. Fall is my favorite. September is my favorite month. I should take a day off, just as an Ode to September.
10. Technology. Specifically my new phone that let's me read my text messages without even having to open my phone. Pretty darn sweet, eh?
11. Traveling. A Mexican cruise. My grandmother's home in Idaho to plant flowers. Jackson Hole river rafting and hot tubbing in Idaho Falls. San Jose Bay area camping, Redwood forests, Stanford, and Half Dome at Yosemite. Southern California beaches and an LA wedding. Shakespearean Festival. Moab. Mount Timpanogos. Possibly Europe next year...
12. Ultimate Frisbee. Ultimately because of the people that I have connected to and become friends with. Good times.
13. People I know. They make me happy, and they make me smile. They give me a lot to look up to. And they rarely make me upset or mad. Could I be luckier? I submit that I cannot.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Soul Smiles

What a legacy to remember, and what great character and goodness to continually reach for, stretch for, and achieve. I love President Hinckley, and whenever I get to listen to his recorded voice, the Spirit speaks calm to my mind, the worries of the world shrink in stature, and my heart is glad.