Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Little Bit Here and There....

Thinking about things that have happened the past few weeks. A few notables to share:
  1. I toured Gunlock Resevoir and the town of Veyo on a road trip with my little nephew. Oh, others were there--he really enjoyed laughing and cooing at his parents the whole time. thing: Veyo has a delicious rhubar-berry pie and is home to the Veyo Pool Resort, a spring fed swimming pool that was built in the 1920's.
  2. I found out that our house in St. George could find some very unwelcome visitors. These would be tarantellas, scorpions, and possibly a rattlesnake (good thing we don't have window wells where they like to hide). Oh, and our house might have a resident lizard. Pistol Pete jumped out of Dave's hands pretty quick and scurried to find some relief under our bricking on the front columns. Say hello if you see him on your visit.
  3. Henry slept for 2 hours in my arms. Easiest babysitting. Ever. And now we've got a bond that is unbreakable.
  4. I'm giving a tour of my facility in May to a BYU RMYL class. Funny how it wasn't (but was--2004) so long ago when I was in the same class...
  5. I was present for two monumental developmental events in Henry's first three months of life: a hearty laugh, and rolling over from his tummy to his back. That's my little man.
  6. Today was a first in using a sonic toothbrush. It's weird to feel vibrations from the inside of my head. And this one does the job, because if I leave it in place or press a bit firmer, it makes my whole head vibrate and my vision goes slightly fuzzy. Who needs drugs for a new sensation?
  7. Just bought a plane ticket to Hawaii with my Fijian friend from work. We are going to have a blast. And with her looking and acting like a local, and knowing a ba-jillion people, we'll have the 'in' all over the place.
  8. I'm working on getting my classic GT hybrid bike back in tip top shape, and planning on riding to work everyday. If it goes well, maybe I'll ride in the National Ability Center Summit Challenge.
  9. I've almost caught up on all my paperwork at work....I've been behind since February with winter camping and skiing in the forefront. Now it's blue skies from here on out, and a big sigh of relief.
  10. I dried strawberries today for the first time. SUPER tasty and yummy. If they go on sale again, we've got a keeper.