Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cleaning Off the Camera

Sometimes I don't take pictures off of my camera until a year later. Which then means that no one really gets to partake in the goodness and fun until much later. Sorry about that. Here are a few snapshots from some memories of this past year.

#1) Henry made his first visit outside of his home to Christy's and my place, for which we were supremely surprised and honored. And to top it off, Trish and Matt gave us grape juice and thank you notes for our time helping them with Henry in his first few weeks of life. Those were some good times. It was neat to intimately watch a mom in action with her new gift of life, and see how they were adjusting to one another and their forever changed worlds. I loved that time together with Trish and Henry, and I love Henryman heaps!

2) Why would you ever document your Sunday dinner? Well, you can't really see it, but there is some awesome roast on our plates. And why, Miss Newman, would you document having a roast dinner? Because it's not just any roast, it's our Grandma John's roast--her recipe, and her roasting pan from her mother, Hazel Adeline Post McRae. Miss McRae was an infamous cook in her parts (St. David, AZ), and her roasting pan is tried and true. Luckily I have the pan and the recipe to thank for a killer roast.

3) I was the lucky one able to see Henry on Day 2 of his life. Matt needed to get some sleep before trying to function as a normal human being, and I got to spend some time with Trish and the little man. Here he is sleeping just after being fed. You might have noticed that Henry hands are out. Well, that kid fought me when being swaddled, and since he was only a day old, I didn't want to fight him that hard, nor did I have any experience, so he won out and looks like he's a little chipmunk with his hands up.

#4) Visiting Caroline Dunn and Emily Moulton in Wyoming! And it just so happened that Cosmo wanted his picture with us at the BYU v. Wyoming football game in Laramie. Fortunately, the weather was in the 50s on this November day, and the fans were polite to us womenfolk. And BYU kicked some trash, 51-0. Yeah, that's what I'm talking about!

#5) Classic family photo by the awesome landscape. Trish, Mom, Dad, and I enjoyed some Shakespearean Festival plays in August last year, and the girls visited Cedar Breaks while Dad fished at Panguitch. We eventually met up for our plays and our traditional steak at Milt's. So good!

More good times to come. And hopefully before months have passed.