Wednesday, January 12, 2011

No. 11 BYU beats Utah behind Fredette's 47 points

A bit of history here, folks. - No. 11 BYU beats Utah behind Fredette's 47 points

Life is Awesome.....Really.....

Just look at what others have to say about it.  Read the book!  Awesome!

Some claim that it has changed their lives.  See if it changes yours.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Don't You Love What They Got?

A little bit of fun while studying kids and families at school.....enjoy!

Dad Life from Church on the Move on Vimeo.

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Little Twist of Tradition

To spice things up a bit with the annual resolution tradition, I looked to my iPod for some inspiration.  Putting the playlist on shuffle for my entire music collection, I listened to the first ten songs that came on, using them as the driving force for my ideas to paper.  So, here goes:

  1. Edelweiss (from the "Sound of Music" soundtrack) - The beautifully gentle acoustic guitar in this song got me thinking that I should spiff up and use my music talents a bit more.  So, working on a piano piece or two, even pulling out the guitar again, will be on the docket for the year.
  2. Traffic in the Sky (Jack Johnson) - Jack is a simple, care free writer, but what he says does have meaning.  Thus, a little nudge to record thoughts, impressions, and events are taken from this one.  This could mean more consistent blog posts (but I'm not promising anything).
  3. The Spirit of God (Mormon Tabernacle Choir) - Where else do you feel the spirit more than in the temple?  Thus, at least biweekly temple attendance will be scheduled into the ever busy and full schedule of a grad student.  But, really, it should be priority among all the things that I have going on.  Also, a commitment to read out of the Book of Mormon each day for the next year.
  4. Face of Love (Jewell) - Follow me on this one: to have a really beautiful face, full of love, you need your "beauty rest"; for me this means that I will be going to bed earlier and arising earlier, because I've been promised health and a wealth of knowledge and ability by following this simple lifestyle.  I'll just have to be a bit more creative with my lifestyle to keep up with the important people and things that I love.
  5. Remember (from the "You've Got Mail" soundtrack) - Remember those great dishes that your friends and family have made, and you keep thinking about them, but have never gotten the recipe?  Well, now I've made it a priority to gather some of those fantastic recipes and make them myself.  Awesome.
  6. Bridge Over Troubled Water (Simon & Garfunkle) - I'd really like to learn how to swim (like swimming strokes....I've already advanced beyond doggy-paddling). May happen this semester, or it may happen later on this year.  But it will happen.  
  7. Dell'Amore Non Si Sa (Hayley Westenra and Andre Bocelli) - I have no idea what this title translates into (something about love, I'm sure), but it makes me want to travel to Europe.  While they may not be feasible this year, at least I can start a fund to make this dream come true.  And I can keep enjoying all sorts of art events that are inspired by this great continent.
  8. Your Smiling Face (James Taylor) - Let loose a bit, and be a bit spontaneous; leave everyone with a smile!  Have a plan, but don't be afraid to go off the beaten path...
  9. My Favorite Things (Yo Yo Ma on cello) - What about all those great things that I love, but have seem to slipped by and out of what I do?  Three things top this list for sure: playing tennis, photography, and national park trips.  Thus, a resolve to find a way to take part more in all three of these.
  10. My Oh My (David Gray) - Just let the new year and world surprise me--be willing to look at and recognize God's  hand in all things. 
Too bad I can't post this awesome music list.....